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Do you know what a pipefitter does? Are you good at geometery, like to work with your hands? A Pipefitter is a tradesman that installs, assembles, fabricates, maintains and repairs mechanical piping systems.

Through this course you will learn all the facets of being a pipefitter and a tradesman in the industry, gaining knowledge with classroom instruction and experience through hands on activities and lab exercises.. At the completion of the program you have the opportunity to take a journeyman exam, if passed gives you a recognized national credential in this field of study.


Ever seen what a millwright does? Do you like to figure out how things work, how they come apart and go back together? This course may be for you. By definition a millwright is a person who is planning and building mills or setting up equipment. This program shows you so much more. There are many types of construction where this trade is used. This program will take you through all of those with classroom instruction, hands on activities and labs. 


Construction Basics

This course covers the basics needed to start work in construction. Learn about safety practices, construction specific math, tool use, rigging, construction drawings, and material handling. So if you want to explore construction this is a great introductory course for the industry.

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